Population increases, expanding markets

Did you know that 97.5% of the overall water resources on earth are salt water?
Less than 1% is safe and potable. This amount is simply not enough for the
world's constantly growing population.

As early as 2050, half of the world’s population will be without sufficient drinking
water. As a result, water will become a much more important economic factor
than raw materials.


GOODWATER® was initiated by investors, technicians and marketing experts. Our goal is to position technologies for the production and preparation of drinking and industrial water on an international scale under the brand name

The GOODWATER® Franchise System is currently operated by a master franchise organization in Europe. The Middle East, Asia, Australia and South America will follow in the near future.

GOODWATER® is constantly searching for new and innovative technologies
to ensure that our partners have a clear competitive edge in the rapidly
expanding water market.


GOODWATER® is not only producer and supplier, but also offers its partners and customers a wide range of services.

Quality management, international 24-hour call center, and a 2-year warranty
on all products are part of the GOODWATER® Service Package.