The 5 pillars of the GOODWATER® principle

From safe to humanitarian

Safety & Independence

Currently, only 2.5% of the total amount of water on earth can be used – less than 1% is potable. Within the next 20 years more than 3 billion people will suffer from water shortages. Experts are convinced that due to rapidly increasing populations and decreasing amounts of safe drinking water, only half the world’s population will have free access to water by 2050. This will inevitably cause price increases. Public water supply systems will be under massive pressure. Natural disasters such as in Japan will accelerate this development dramatically.

Safe access to clean, independent drinking water are the basic
principles of GOODWATER®.

GOODWATER® is safe and independent.

Wellness & Health

GOODWATER® has been proven to be one of the purest and
healthiest waters in the world. This is ensured by our GOODWATER® FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY: pre- & post-carbon filters, high-tech ionisation lamps and reverse osmosis membrane filters. A closed, hygienic production process guarantees that 99.9% of micro- organisms, heavy metals and other contaminants are removed. Additional filters for other substances (e.g. minerals) can be added.

This reliable supply of clean water will have a positive impact on consumer water drinking behaviour – and ensure a healthier way of life.

GOODWATER® is pure and healthy.


Costs & Energy Efficiency

GOODWATER® offers a unique cost-benefit-ratio. Ask your customers
to calculate the energy, initial unit purchase and filters costs of their current system and compare them to the minimum 5 year lifespan of GOODWATER® SYSTEMS. Based on water consumption of up to
30 liters per day, they will quickly realize the potential savings of up to 90% when compared to the cost of water dispensers and PET bottles.

GOODWATER® is cost and energy efficient.

Ecofriendly & Convenient

A GOODWATER® Atmospheric Water Generator replaces up to
10,000 PET bottles per year. This prevents huge amounts of non-biodegradable plastics from being disposed of on land and in the
ocean and ending up again on consumer plates in the form of freshly caught seafood. Tedious shopping, carrying and disposal are a thing
of the past.

GOODWATER® is ecofriendly and convenient.

Humanitarian & Fair

The GOODWATER® GIVE BACK PROGRAM: when you purchase
our products you are also supporting drinking water projects in disadvantaged regions such as the Third World. This program is part
of our partnership agreement and thus constitutes a binding mandate
for all GOODWATER® employees and co-operation partners.

GOODWATER® is humanitarian and fair.