Lazarus Aid Organisation
supported by Menschen für Menschen

I was introduced to Father Guido Hangartner and his Lazarus aid organization in India through a mutual friend in July 2011.

The focus of the project was to find a solution for the drinking water problem in a village in Kerala. After talking to the villagers we concluded that the problem wasn't a shortage of water, but heavy contamination of local water sources.

The well that provides drinking water is also the washing
area for the entire village - not for clothes, but rather as a "shower" for the entire village. Villagers such as this older woman (see photo), for whom the walk to the well is too far, collect water from moss covered roofs and use it for everything.

- drinking
- cooking
- bathing
- washing
- cleaning
- watering plants

After these multiple uses plants don't need any fertilizer. Sarcasm?!? - No! – bitter reality.

We spontaneously decided to help and sent the technical data for our CCR-600 Reverse Osmose System via air freight to the villagers in Kerala free of charge.

Due to bureaucracy problems with local authorities, the residents decided to dig the well right next to the village church. This guaranteed the security of the CCR-600 and saved older residents the long daily walk for drinking water. As the CCR-600 is easy to install and has low energy use (160W), the villagers were quickly able to set-up the system.

GOODWATER® is proud to purify 1,600 liters of highly contaminated water a day and provide hundreds of villagers
with pure drinking water.

Let us know if you are involved in similar projects. We look forward to hearing from you: